On the Road

On the Road

Only by opening your package will you discover what it takes for us to achieve happiness. But we can share a clue: THE JOURNEY.

A wild and dusty journey. A journey that smells of adventure … the adventure of a lifetime.

This is why Route 66 and the indomitable horses of a 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible could not be missing. Light body and red interior with black details. Everything tells the palette of this extraordinary collection: ON THE ROAD.

A bold capsule that offers dreamy dresses and irreverent garments, essential accessories in your wardrobe, such as the burnished brass belt, the incredible Guifriday hat made in an exclusive and limited edition for Otra vez … or the bag embroidered in a new pattern.

And like life, this capsule tells a second episode: ON THE ROAD TO PALM SPRINGS. Our wild and unruly side takes over, like a herd running at breakneck speed.

The colors are those of the desert, sunset, sky and boundless meadows. The models are an evolution of the first episode and together they create a combination that leaves you speechless.

Start your experiential journey now, wearing everything that is Happiness for us.

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